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Andy MacLean


Hi there. I created Open Eye Marketing 18 years ago when I discovered and fell in love with the Pay Per Click medium. What an incredibly revolutionary way of generating sales it was back then. Though it no longer surprises me, I’m still buzzing about how powerful all search engine marketing is as a way to generate exposure and revenue. Fast forward to 2021 with people more likely than ever to turn to Google for their next purchase or purchase research and I’m proud that i’ve been around in this industry for a comparative millennia. Like all aspects of web marketing, things have changed big-time since 2003 and our skillset, experience and knowledge has expanded greatly.

We can now offer businesses a wide range of support and services including; PPC management, SEO, email marketing, conversion optimisation and affiliate marketing. Forgetting the actual ‘services’ we offer what we really like to do is understand a business’s objectives and reach that through developing strategy and application of the most applicable marketing techniques.

I’m happy to discuss ideas or queries with anyone from a web-reliant business.  Get in touch today; I hope we can demonstrate the value we can add to your business.

Andy MacLean, Director

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