Getting your SEO ducks in a row

It’s as massive mistake both agency and client make – not putting in place the pre-requisites to SEO success, which can be seen as:

  • What is it the client really needs to achieve?
  • What are the objectives and measurable goals?
  • What are the benchmarks to reaching those goals?
  • Are the tools in place to measure those benchmarks and goals?
  • What added value can the agency and SEO bring over and above those goals?
  • Does the client understand what the agency is doing and the full implications of associated activities?

SEO ducksWhat we try and always do is a certain level of due diligence to figure out and if needed improve upon the actual objectives that the client wants or thinks they want. That sounds a little arrogant maybe, but the point here is that often if the objective is X, we can often improve upon Y & Z in reaching X, not as any means of up-sell but as part of the journey to reaching the original objective.

Example 1:

A client wants to increase organic search revenue by +20% on last years figures. They want to do this by increasing site wide organic traffic by +20%.

To figure out the best way to meet their target we start by looking at their traffic data, revenue information and product values. We can see from their Google Analytics that a 5% lift in traffic to top 3 highest average order value product pages would actually create a +25% year on year increase. What’s more the relevant keywords for those products are fairly uncompetitive, so it makes a lot of sense to spend the effort there first and exceed their expectations.

Example 2:

A client has an ecommerce site that generates over £1,000,000 in online sales annually . They rank highly for all of the main product keywords but need additional growth to meet other business objectives. They task us with increasing organic traffic even though they would appear to be completely dominant in the search engines. We come up with additional traffic generation ideas but what they didn’t expect was a) we came up with a number of different ways to increase conversion rate so that they generate more sales from the same amount of traffic and b) we identified several ways they can increase clickthrough rate from the search engines without any lift in rankings. Both of these involved tech and software costs that weren’t in the additional brief but were key to producing double digit sales growth almost immediately.

In both examples we listened carefully to what the client wanted, spent some time running the numbers and identifying opportunities and resource requirements to come with up a plan that has the agreement of, and is understood by, the client. We don’t start a project without figuring out the best approach to meet or exceed expectation and whether the ability to meet those expectation is realistic.


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