SEO & website review

Since 2003 we’ve been helping largely small and family run business improve their website traffic and performance. We’ve now put together 3 affordable website review options that will help identify what can be done to dramatically increase the performance of your website i.e. more traffic and a better ability to generate sales or leads. 100%+ increases in traffic and revenue are not uncommon with the sites we work with.

How the review process works – After ordering a review you’ll receive an invoice. Upon payment of which we’ll start work on your review. We aim to have quick reviews completed within 1 week and full and ecommerce reviews within 2. For the latter review types, where applicable, analytics, ppc and webmaster tools access are very helpful. We will also have questions we’d like to discuss with you about your site and objectives.

  • Quick fixes – all reviews

    We’ll identify priority SEO issues & areas of opportunity that can be addressed quickly.

  • Growing leads or sales – all reviews

    We’ll have ideas on how to improve your site conversion rate.

  • Competitor analysis – all reviews

    We’ll look at your competitors & what they are doing better than you.

  • Analytics & PPC review – full & ecommerce reviews

    We’ll examine your analytics, create custom reporting dashboards & review your PPC campaigns (if applicable).

  • Strategy ideas & review – full & ecommerce reviews

    We’ll look at detailed SEO opportunities, your traffic & customer acquisition methods & suggest improvements.

  • Planning for success – full & ecommerce reviews

    We’ll provide an outline of the key actionables & strategies for success specific to your website.

  • Ecommerce reporting 101 – ecommerce reviews

    Depending on your existing analytics we’ll either create customised ecommerce reporting e.g. identify key data points such as product revenues, or we will set up this functionality for future reporting.

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